Apex Drilling Services

With Apex Drilling Services, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of well services to help meet your needs. Whether in need of residential or commercial well drilling services, we drill systems that are done right and built to last.

Well Drilling Services for Apex Drilling

At Apex Drilling, we offer drilling services for sizes ranging from 5 to 24 inches. Our residential and commercial well drilling services also include stock water, irrigation and injection drilling services. With the various well drilling services that we have to offer, we can more effectively meet the unique water needs of your Idaho or Utah property.

Additional Services Available from Apex Drilling

In addition to offering well drilling services, we are also pleased to offer services to help you with maintaining your well and otherwise keeping your property in proper working order. With the help of advanced equipment such as the borehole camera, we are capable of thoroughly inspecting your well and diagnosing any problems that you may have. We also offer well cleaning and water locating services in addition to assisting with abandonments.

Well Pump Service

If you’re in need of pump service in the magic valley, Pump Service Inc., our affiliate company, can provide thorough inspection and repair for well pumps. Pump Service also┬áspecializes in residential and commercial water supply systems, and water treatment and softening systems. You can contact Pump Service Inc. by visiting their website.

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