Apex Drilling Services

With Apex Drilling Services, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of well services to help meet your needs. Whether in need of residential or commercial well drilling services, we drill systems that are done right and built to last.

Apex Drilling Rig - Southeast Idaho and Northern Utah Well Drilling

Apex Drilling Offers A Variety Of Services

We meet the residential and commercial water needs of residents and businesses in both Idaho and Utah. Whether in need of drilling services or assistance with maintaining your well and keeping it in working order, Apex Drilling is your one-step service provider.

Apex Drilling Services in Idaho and Utah

Apex offers drilling services for sizes ranging from 5 to 24 inches. Our residential and commercial well drilling services include all of the following:

  • Injection Drilling Services
  • Irrigation
  • Stock Water

By providing water locating services and offering a variety of well drilling techniques, we are able to more effectively meet the unique water needs of your Idaho or Utah property.

Apex Drilling Well Maintenance and Repair Services

Apex Drilling Well Maintenance and Repair Services

Whether we have drilled your well for you or not, you can trust Apex to assist with maintaining your well and otherwise keeping it working in proper order. With the help of specialized equipment such as the borehole camera, we are able to thoroughly inspect your well in order to diagnose any problems that you may have. Once we have identified those problems, we will explore and discuss maintenance and repair options with you in order to select the method that is best-suited to your situation and needs.

Of course, proper well maintenance involves inspecting and caring for your well before problems occur. As such, Apex Drilling is pleased to be able to offer well cleaning services to help prevent problems from occurring.

Apex Drilling Well Abandonment Assistance

Unsealed or improperly sealed wells can pose a threat to public health and safety while also threatening the quality of groundwater resources. Proper abandonment, or decommissioning, of the well is an essential part of bringing a safe end to the service life of the well. At Apex Drilling, we can assist with this process to ensure it is done properly.

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