Apex Drilling Troubleshooting

A number of different problems can affect the quality of your water and the efficiency of your well pump. While there may not be one simple answer to your problems, here are a few of the most common issues affecting water wells and their systems.

Apex Drilling Troubleshooting

Well Development Troubleshooting

When your water well is drilled, mud and bore hole cuttings can partially plug the aquifer. In order to allow the water to freely enter the well, this material must be properly removed during the well development process. If you are experiencing sediment in your water or a low well yield, poor well development may be at the root of your problem.

Well Construction Troubleshooting

When designing your well, you must match the type of well construction with the aquifer. Decisions must also be made about the liner versus a well screen, the slot size of the well screen, the placement of the liner or well screen, the size and amount of sand around the well screen and the location of the pump in the well. Poor choices can lead to problems with sediment while also reducing your well yield.

Mineral Incrustation

Mineral incrustation can result in poor water flow and hard water issues. A common problem in some shallow water aquifers, mineral incrustation results from changes in pressure in temperature resulting in scale formation on the casing, liner and screens. Good preventative maintenance and management can help to reduce the effects of incrustation.


Biofouling occurs when a film of biolfilm forms and reduces well yield and water quality. This gel-like slime captures chemicals, minerals and particles such as clays, sands and silt. This debris oxidizes and gets trapped, resulting in a reduced water flow.

Of course, these are only a few of the problems that can affect your water well and system. Contact Apex Drilling today for a full inspection and repair of your system!

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