Apex Drilling: Providing All of Your Water System Needs

Apex Drilling: Providing All of Your Water System Needs

Apex Drilling: Providing All of Your Water System Needs

With 50 years of experience in the ground water industry, the family-owned Apex Drilling builds systems right while providing residential and commercial well drilling services that are designed to last. Serving the Southern Idaho Magic Valley area as well as Northern Utah, services provided by Apex Drilling include:

  • Stockwater
  • Irrigation
  • Injection Applications
  • Well Cleaning
  • Bore Hole Camera Service
  • Water Locating
  • Well Abandonments

By offering a wide variety of services, we are better able to meet all of your water system building and maintenance needs. 

Apex Drilling: Your One-Step Service Provider

Unlike other well drilling services in the area, Apex Drilling strives to serve as a one-step service provider to meet all of your needs. Capable of drilling wells ranging from 5 to 24 inches for both residential and commercial applications, we also continue to stand behind you and our work in order to provide maintenance services on the work we have completed. In addition, even if we did not drill your well, you can count on Apex Drilling to provide you with maintenance services to ensure your system lasts as long as possible.

In the event that you do run into problems with your water system, Apex Drilling will also identify the source of the problem as well as make the necessary repairs. With the help of specialized equipment such as the borehole camera, we can thoroughly inspect your well in order to diagnose the problem. We will then discuss your repair options with you so you can select the solution that best meets your needs. Similarly, if you have an unsealed or improperly sealed well on your property, we can assist with the process of properly decommissioning the well in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

To learn more about how Apex Drilling can help you, give us a call today!

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