Solving Bacteria and Encrustation Issues with Well Cleaning

Solving Bacteria and Encrustation Issues with Well Cleaning

Solving Bacteria and Encrustation Issues with Well Cleaning

At Apex Drilling, we are proud to offer more than just well drilling services. In fact, we strive to serve as your partner throughout the lifetime of your well. As such, in addition to drilling wells, we also provide comprehensive well cleaning services. While there are many reasons why you may want to clean your well, there are two primary reasons why your well might need to be cleaned: bacteria and encrustation.

How Does Bacteria Affect My Well?

The oxygen located at the upper reaches of your well creates a good environment for aerobic bacteria to grow. Aerobic bacteria can result in the production of large amounts of slime and entrapped minerals, particularly oxidized iron and manganese. These materials can cause clogging in your system.

The debris created from the bacteria activity in the upper portions of the well can also accumulate at the bottom of the well. This part of the well can because depleted of oxygen due to the chemical reactions created by the bacteria activity. This results in anaerobic bacteria. Anaerobic bacteria is responsible for creating a fishy taste and producing methane gas or various odors.

What is Encrustation of a Well?

Encrustation is a process characterized by a coating or a “crust” being formed on the well intake or on the casing. Encrustation is usually caused by biological or chemical reactions taking place within the well.

While some well owners use chlorination to address these issues, this is not a viable long-term solution. Chlorination may temporarily resolve issues related to taste or odor, but it leaves behind debris and organic materials that will continue to create problems for your system.

Often bacteria in water wells in naturally occurring due to the state of the resource in the ground. However, with proper well construction and routine maintenance your water system can be the long term investment that’s needed.

To learn more about our well cleaning services and how we can help you keep your well operating as effectively and safely as possible, contact Apex Drilling today. We will be happy to discuss all of our services with you!

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