Bacteria and Your Well

Bacteria and Your Well

Bacteria and Your Well

Cleaning your well is an important part of the regular maintenance process. One reason why it is important to clean your well is to remove and prevent bacteria from developing. 

You may not realize it, but the oxygen that is at the upper portion of your well creates the perfect environment for aerobic bacteria to thrive. This bacteria can create a large amount of slime and entrapped materials in your well, which can then lead to clogging of your system.

The debris that gets created at the upper portion of your well can also begin to accumulate at the bottom. This part can then become deficient in oxygen, leading to the formation of anaerobic bacteria. These bacteria can create a fishy taste in your water and can product methane gas and other odors. 

Clearly, the formation of bacteria in your well is undesirable. Contact Apex Drilling to learn more about how to prevent it from forming in your water.

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