Cleaning Your Idaho Water Well System

Cleaning Your Idaho Water Well System

Cleaning Your Idaho Water Well System

To ensure your well water system continues to work properly, it is essential for you to periodically have your well cleaned and inspected. Not only will this keep your system running smoothly, but it will also prevent and eliminate bacteria buildup while also combatting any encrustation that could develop on your well intake or casing. 

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Unfortunately, some homeowners take it upon themselves to try to clean their well system through chlorination. While this can help to temporarily address issues with odor or taste, it also leaves behind debris that encourages bacterial growth. Therefore, chlorination is not a good long-term solution for keeping your well clean.

Cleaning Your Well Properly

To properly clean your well, you should hire a professional service such as Apex Drilling to provide a combination of mechanical and chemical cleaning. Mechanical cleaning processes may include using pressurized water or air along with wire brushes and scrapers to agitate the water in the well. This helps to loosen and remove the debris. Meanwhile, chemical cleaning helps to further loosen and dissolve the debris so it can be pumped out. Call Apex today to learn more!

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