Methods for Cleaning Your Water Well

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Methods for Cleaning Your Water Well

If you have determined that it is time for your water well to be cleaned, you may be surprised to learn that there are actually a variety of different methods that may be used to clean your well. In some cases, a mixture of these methods may be needed in order to successfully loosen the debris so it can be removed.

One method used to clean a well may simply involve the use of cleaning it directly with wire brushes or scrapers. More than likely, the process will also involve using pressurized air or water to help to break about the material that needs to be removed. It may also be necessary to agitate the water within the well or even to use chemical cleaners to help loosen or dissolve the debris. 

Whether chemical cleaners are used or not, the debris that is broken up will then need to be pumped out of the well. Contact Apex Drilling to learn more!

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