Determining Your New Home Well Drilling Needs

Determining Your New Home Well Drilling Needs

Determining Your New Home Well Drilling Needs

When it comes to new home well drilling in Idaho, there are many factors that you need to take into consideration. After all, you want to be sure that the well will meet your needs while providing you with clean, safe water for years to come. As such, the first thing you will need to consider is the size of the well to ensure you get enough water for your home. Having sufficient water means having enough to meet the following needs:

  • Everyday Use: Includes water for toilets, bathtubs, showers, dishwashers, laundry, cooking and drinking.
  • Seasonal Use: Includes water for washing the car, watering the garden and filling the swimming pool, if applicable.
  • Fire Protection: While most homes do not need to depend upon a well for fire protection, it is a factor to consider depending upon the location of your property, your lifestyle and your hobbies.
  • Farm Use: Depending upon how you use your property, you may need your well to provide water for crop irrigation, animal watering and even the use of water treatment devices that require backwashing.

In addition to being able to handle regular water usage, your system also needs to be able to withstand peak usage periods. For example, if you are doing the laundry, you should also be able to take a shower at the same time without loss of water.

How Much is Enough?

While your needs may very, a conservative estimate for most homes with two to four people is 150 to 300 gallons per day. To help determine how much water you can expect to obtain from your well, there are three primary factors to consider. These include:

  • Flow Rate: the continuous yield of the well.
  • Static Level: level where the water stands in the well when there is no water being pumped from it.
  • Well Size: depth and diameter of the well.

If you are looking for an Idaho well drilling company to help you install a well in your new home, contact Apex Drilling today!

When considering the building of a new home, remember that there are a lot of things that can be changed before, during, and after construction, with little cost. Your well is not one of these things. Don’t cheat when it comes to the well, or the septic system.

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