Keeping Your Idaho Well Clean

Keeping Your Idaho Well Clean

Keeping Your Idaho Well Clean

Cleaning your well is an important part of its proper maintenance. Cleaning your well helps to eliminate bacteria while also preventing encrustation. Not only is this better for your health, but it is also better for the overall health of your well. 

While some well owners attempt to clean their wells with chlorination, this is not the proper way to clean your well. Although it may eliminate odor and taste problems, it can also leave behind debris on which bacteria feeds. Therefore, it is better to use a cleaning strategy that utilizes a combination of mechanical and chemical approaches other than chlorination. Some mechanical process that may be used as a part of the cleaning process include:

  • Using pressurized water or air
  • Agitating the water that is inside of the well
  • Scraping the well with business and scrapers

These mechanical processes help to loosen and remove debris while chemical cleaning helps to loosen or dissolve the debris. Then, the debris can be easily removed by simply pumping them out of your well.

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