Recognizing When it is Time to Clean Your Well

Recognizing When it is Time to Clean Your Well

Recognizing When it is Time to Clean Your Well

While the best solution is to have a properly constructed well, some wells need more care and maintenance than others. As time goes on you may start to notice issues about your water or water system. While there are many possible signs that indicate it is time for a well cleaning, the most common signs are as follows:

  • A decrease in the well’s capacity, meaning there is a decrease in the number of gallons of water per minute that the pump is able to supply to your system.
  • Water that is turbid, meaning it is cloudy or it appears to have matter suspended within it.
  • Taste or odor problems with your water.
  • A water test showing that your water has tested positive for coliform or overall biological activity.

In some cases, a simple well cleaning will rectify these problems. A number of different processes can be used to help to loosen debris or encrustations that are causing a problem for your well. The most common methods includes:

  • Cleaning with wire brushes or scrapers
  • Utilizing pressurized air or water
  • Agitating the water within the well
  • Chemical cleaning to loosen or dissolve debris

Whether using a mechanical or chemical method, the resulting debris must also be pumped out of the well. After cleaning the best practice is to develop the well back to as close to its natural state as possible. This development is critical to the overall success and production of the well.

A number of factors will be used when determining which method to use when cleaning your well. These will include the age of the well and whether or not the intake area or well casing is corroded. More aggressive cleaning methods must be avoided if they may potentially damage the well.

If you are noticing any of these issues with your well, contact Apex Drilling today. We will be happy to conduct the appropriate tests to determine if a well cleaning is the best solution to return your water system back to its original state. Let our years of experience help you enjoy the cleanest water possible from your well!

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