Well Cleaning on Your Malta, Idaho Property

Well Cleaning Southern Idaho

Well Cleaning on Your Malta, Idaho Property

Cleaning the well on your Malta, Idaho property is one of the key steps toward ensuring your system works efficiently while providing you with clean, safe water. Not only does a well cleaning eliminate bacteria that may form over time, but it also helps to combat the encrustation that develops on the well intake or casing.

Concerns with Using Chlorination for Well Cleaning

Some well owners attempt to clean their wells with chlorination. While this process can temporarily prevent taste and odor problems, it leaves behind debris that serves as a food source for bacteria. Therefore, chlorination may not be an effective long-term method for well cleaning.

Effective Well Cleaning Strategies

An effective well cleaning strategy involves using a combination of mechanical and chemical approaches. Mechanical processes help to both loosen and remove debris. Mechanical processes used for well cleaning include using any of the following approaches and methods:

  • Pressurized water or air
  • Agitation of the water in the well
  • Wire brushes and scrapers

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Chemical cleaning can help to loosen or dissolve debris so it can be pumped out of your well. Some polymers and caustic chemicals make be used to increase the alkalinity of the water so the debris can be more easily removed.

Returning Well Volume

Cleaning wells can also bring water flow back into the wells where production may have declined in recent years. Allowing property owners to enjoy the benefits of better flow without going through the expense of drilling a new well.

The age of the well may be a factor in determining the well cleaning methods that are used. In the case of a well with corrosion in the water intake areas, for example, more aggressive cleaning processes should be avoided. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, you can trust Apex Drilling to select the process that is best for your Malta, Idaho well. Contact us today to learn more!

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