Why is well placement so important?

Why is well placement so important?

With the growth occurring in the Magic Valley, many people are building new homes. If your new home requires a private water system, giving enough thought to the well location will save both time and money in the long run.  When choosing where to place a new well, think not only about your current needs, but also what your future needs may look like.

  • Will you put another building or shed built on the property in the future?
  • Will you ever have animals that will require more water?
  • Is there sufficient access to the well and controls to meet future maintenance access needs?

We all tend to consider a well casing sticking up in the middle of our yards as a massive eye sore, however, trying to tuck it away in a corner will only be of benefit for so long. With tall equipment coming in to work on your pump and or well, are the powerlines and full-grown trees going to be out of the way? Homeowners really don’t want to run out of water just to find out that they have to shut off power to their home for a few hours, or worse a few weeks, to have their well, pump, or other parts of the water system maintained or repaired.

well placement

This well needed deepened and the powerline for the home had to be temporarily removed to allow the crew to do the job.

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